icon Authorship, License, Disclaimer

I, [Joseph Suarez], am the primary author of Neural MMO. I plan to continue development for at least the duration of my EECS PhD at MIT or until someone convinces me that there is a better way to solve AGI. Everything written in the source and documentation is my own opinion. I do not speak for OpenAI, MIT, Clare, Phillip, Igor, or anyone else involved in the project.

2020 (spring): v1.3 and v1.4 releases
  • Neural MMO v1.3 presented as an Extended Abstract at AAMAS 2020

  • Neural MMO v1.3-prerelease presented at a casual seminar in NeosVR

2019 (fall): Neural MMO development continues at MIT as the main project of my PhD
  • I am continuing my role as the primary developer

  • Phillip Isola resumes project oversight as my adviser

  • We are beginning to get open source contributions

2018 (fall): Independent development results in v1.1 and v1.2:
  • I ran the project solo. These versions are derivative works and are MIT sublicensed in my name

2018 (spring): Neural MMO development continues during a 6-month internship at OpenAI, culminating in the v1.0 environment (MIT licensed to OpenAI) and THREE.js client (MIT licensed to Joseph Suarez and Clare Zhu) release:
  • I continued my role as the primary developer

  • Yilun Du assisted with running experiments and particularly in setting up tournaments for the v1.0 release

  • Phillip Isola and Igor Mordatch managed and advised the project

  • The v1.0 environment is registered to OpenAI and available under the MIT license

  • The legacy THREE.js client was developed independently as a collaboration between myself and Clare Zhu. It was originally created as follow-up work for the paper and blog post, but we ended up merging it in. This is also the reason that the project is split into two repositories. It is registered to us jointly and is available under the MIT license

2017 (summer): Neural MMO development begins:
  • I started Neural MMO as an independent side project

  • I (Joseph Suarez) retain ownership of this smaller original code base and game kernel, along with associated ideas. I created these before my affiliations with OpenAI and MIT

Open source contributors, listed by time since latest contribution. Discord handle have been used for individuals who have not granted explicit permission to display their real names:
  • Jack Garbus: Major contributions to the logging framework, feedback on the documentation and tutorials

  • @tdimeola: Feedback on the documentation and tutorials

  • @cehinson: Mac build of the Unity3D client

icon Assets

Some assets used in this project belong to [Jagex], the creators of Runescape, such as

ags earth water fire air

We currently use them for flavor as an homage to the game that inspired the project. We believe these fall under fair use as a not-for-profit project for the advancement of artificial intelligence research – however, we are more than happy to remove them upon request. We do own the 2D and 3D files for agents, represented by three neurons.

red blue green fuchsia orange mint purple spring yellow cyan magenta sky

ags Namesake

In formal publications, we refer to our project simply as a (the first) “Neural MMO.” Internally and informally, we call it “Projekt: Godsword” (God-Sword). The name comes from two sources: CD Projekt Red, my personal favorite game dev studio, and OldSchool Runescape, which contains an iconic set of weapons called godswords. The latter is a particularly good model for AI environments; the former is more of a soft flavor inspiration.